PBN Website MonitoringMonitor All of your websites at one placeThe Ultimate Website and Blog Monitoring SystemEasily Monitor Hundreds of Sites at Once!The Fastest, Easiest Way To Manage Your Websites!
Your own Private Website Monitoring System One Click Away, Don't waste your money by Pay Monthly Fee to third party for monitoring your blog network or websites, If you stop paying them there is a chance they will tell the google about your PBN, Don't Take Risk
"We have definitively changed the game because we have introduce the new first fully featured website monitoring system, all in one place, Track Ranking in Alexa, PR, Moz, Majestic, Social Share and also Backlinks Stats, Its has lot of feature you could read bellow"
Watch Video for Complete UnderstandingThe Fastest, Easiest Way To Manage Your Websites!
Monitor up to Hundreds of Sites
One Click Logins
Highly Secure
Using a Single Dashboard, Quickly Check up on the Status of Hundreds or Even Thousands of Websites.
PBN Automatically Detects if Your Website is WordPress. Save Your Logins and With One-Click, it will Redirect you to the WordPress Login Page with the Credentials Pre-filled.
Everything is Highly Encrypted. We Can’t See Your Domains! No Footprints Either. Its that Awesome.
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Forget about third party website for rank monitoring
With the ULTIMATE PBN Monitoring PHP Script you are able to track your website alexa rank, pagerank, majestic rank, moz rank, backlinks stats, social share. lot of other feature you will find below with complete detail.
Screenshot #1Screenshot #2Screenshot #3Screenshot #4Screenshot #6Screenshot #7Feature of PBN PHP Script
Here is some powerful Feature for Website Monitoring PHP Script
Historic Metrics
PBN Grabs Daily Majestics SEO CF/TF, Backlinks Info, Moz DA/PA Backlinks Info, Alexa Rank, Social Share, Google Index and Pagerank Info and Display in Graph for easily understanding
Display Chart for Last 30 Days, Its Help you to understand how is your website ranking
You can Track your Competitors Ranking Factors easily.
Keep an Eye on Your Competitors Site and Metrics. Increase in Trustflow? Check Those Links, Find their PBN or Copy the Links!

Everything is Highly Encrypted. No Potential Footprints for Google.  We Recommend that You  Do NOT use Google Chrome Browser.

Store your WordPress Login in Our System and One-Click to WordPress Login Page with Pre-filled info!

Losing Track of What Websites is Hosted on Which C-Class IPs? Not a Problem. Quickly See Which Websites are on Which IPs.

Quickly Check if Your Site and How Many Pages is Indexed By Google. So You can Get Your Site Re-Index’d as Fast as Possible!

Automatic Website Online Check every 5 Minutes . We Check to See if it Resolves. Great Way to Monitor Those Cheap Hosts.

Some Other Powerful Featured

  1. Add Hundreds of Domains in one Dashboard
  2. Easy to Delete any Existed Domain name from panel
  3. Secure Login, No one can access without username/password (no SQL Injections possible).
  4. Generate Fresh Screenshot using Your Own server if you have VPS or Dedicated server with Windows or CentOs, or Use WebThumbnail.Org API
  5. Change How often New Data Info Fetch
  6. Save all your WordPress Based Website Login info in One Place,  ONE CLICK LOGIN in WP Dashboard

Information Script Fetch

  1. Alexa Rank
  2. Page Rank
  3. Google Index
  4. Citation Flow
  5. Trust Flow
  6. Domain Authority
  7. Page Authority
  8. C-Subnet IP's Backlinks Stats
  9. Referring Domain Backlinks Stats
  10. Total Backlinks Stats
  11. Social Share Count (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus)
  12. Fresh Thumbnail
  13. Site Status
  14. Site IP Address
  15. Site Age
  16. and Lot of other Small Details.
Check Online Demo
Username: admin - Password: admin
Note: Demo Reinstall every 24 Hours
DEMO Video Coming SoonCheck Live Demo InsteadRequirements of Script:
  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5.3+
  • CURL (for Fetching INFO)
  • mCrypt (to encrypt String securely)
  • Mod_Rewrite (for URL Re-Written).
  • SSH Access to Install "WKHTMLTOX" on your server (if you want to use your server to generate thumbnail), Otherwise you have option to use webthumbnail.org API
  • Linux
    • Centos
    • Ubuntu
  • Windows
    • Windows 64bit
    • Windows  32bit
  • MOZ.COM API KEY (Free or PAID)
    • With Free Key "You Can't Get C-SubNet IP Info)
    • If You have Paid MOZ Account Then you just have to generate the api key

Only for $149
Just $20 !!!
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You will get instant download access 
after your one-time payment.
Testimonials from Customers
I have use this script on multiple sub-domain name for testing, and find out its great, i can track almost all my websites easily.

I have used other service like Sitewink but the problem is 10 domains are free but if you have more then you have to purchase monthly subscription which is expensive for me

- mywish123
Is this a PBN Management Tool? And Can I Control WordPress Directly Through It?
A. Unlike Other Tools, This is NOT a WordPress Management Tool Where You can Post Through the Interface. This is to Avoid ALL Potential Footprints to Keep Your PBNs Safe!

How Often is the Website Status, Screenshot and Other Info Checked?
You have to set in cronjob and in setting how often you want to update your website status

How Secure its this Script?
We have encrypt almost everything, no one can find out your blog network, but still we recommend don't use in Google Chrome with any Google Service Login, Like Gmail, Webmaster tools etc.

Dose this script only work for Private Blog Network?

No, You can use this Script with your other website to track how good is your website is doing in google and other search engine, also you can easily track social share count.

Also you can track you competitor ranking, where he is sharing his website, where is creating backlinks, sort of details.


If you are unable to track all of your website in time you may probably lost traffic and money at the same time, I high recommend that you must use ANY WEBSITE MONITORING tools which give you alexa rank, majestic, moz and google index stats, because without it right know its impossible to rank or compete any website.

If you did not monitor your BLOG NETOWRK or Personal Website there is highly chances you will lost the rank, if site got hacked or deface how do you know instantly? this is the best way to check your website stats, screenshots, info at one place.

If you had 100+ website to monitor and you check one by one manually lost lot of time.

For Checking Website Manually its take 3-5 Minute (if you did not check in deep).

How much you Loss time and money at the same time?

100 Website x 3 Minute = 300 Minute (5 hours) WOW!! You lost 5 hours just for checking your websites..

You Charge 30/hr X 5 Hours X 30 Days a Month =  $4,500 Now Think Again how much you loss while just check your website info.

There is lot of other tools but our tools is best because its one time fee, no extra charges, life time free updates and customer support

Also we offer 1st time Free Installation Service to run our script at your server as smooth as its possible.

To All Your Success,

Username: admin - Password: admin
Note: Demo Reinstall every 24 Hours